Make Up Transition: Summer to Autumn.

So Summer is coming to an end and Autumn here up North is slowly creeping up on us. Now, I wont pretend to be disappointed, I have been dying to wear my deeper, autumnal shades. Don’t get me wrong, Summer looks are beautiful but colours that are associated with this time of the year compliment my complexion; allowing me to experiment with a variety of looks.

A deep skincare routine is an essential for this time of year. As the weather gets cooler, my skin turns dry and is desperate for some serious nourishment. My recommendation is to purchase a variety of creams that are formulated towards your skin type, night creams, day creams, serums and moisturisers- the works! Some of you may think this is too extreme, but trust me it is worth the money. If your skin is out of balance and not treat correctly, no matter how expensive your base products are it will not be seamless. Night cream, I love No7 protect and perfect as you wake up with brighter, nourished skin. Day creams, now I wouldn’t personally recommend a heavy day cream if you intend to apply layers of products as it is just another texture which will build up. But, even on days where you don’t want to wear make up don’t neglect your skin, add a thin layer of cream to rest on your skin all day and you will definitely notice the difference! Eye Serums are a must for me, No7 youthful serum is an amazing eye cream to smooth out any possibility of dry patches or creasing under the eyes. Last but not least, moisturiser, a must for any collection! If you’re layering your skin with creams, liquids, powders ect without a base protector your skin will dry out, especially in this weather; therefore your make up will not look its best.


For my base make up, in all honesty I do not make many drastic changes. If you like to wear BB creams or tinted moisturisers in Summer, switch these up for a cream or liquid foundation for a fuller coverage which will with stand the rain and wind. Another transition will be switching a heavy bronzed complexion to a paler, flushed look. I will still add a light dusting on bronzer to bring life and dimension but in general I much prefer to use a deep, plum toned blusher to warm up the face. Going with the latest trends, of course highlighter cannot be missed out. As there is a lack of sunlight, dull skin can be an outcome so by adding a light dusting of shimmer on top of the blush can help brighten up the complexion. Of course, if you’re still a fan of bright, blinding highlight built up on your cheek bones then go for it, but personally, especially at this time of the year I prefer a slight matte finish. To tie the highlighter in nicely with the blush tones, my No7 shimmer palette is perfect as a champagne, peach glow is lovely when combined with a deep toned cheek.

The eyes, one of my favourite transitions. Although I do love bronzed, simple sultry eyes I absolutely love a soft, smoky eye with deep tones including a mix of warm neutrals to rich, berry tones that look amazing on any eye colour. If you don’t own any berry toned shadows, simply use abit of your deeper blush to your eye look to tie the whole look together! To transition an autumn look from day to night I like to add eyeliner to widen my eyes as sometimes heavy shadow can give the appearance of smaller eyes. I do love using a liquid eyeliner as it allows you to create a sharp, crisp line but if you really want to enhance that soft, smoky look then a gel liner is great as you can smudge it slightly into the shadow; allowing you to create definition towards the base and wing but smudged up with the shadow the create a seamless look.


The lips, no doubt my favourite transition! Out with the bright corals, pale pinks, sheer formulas and in with the deep berries, dark browns and matte finishes. I absolutely adore dark shades on the lip but they don’t work for everyone. If you have very thin lips or just simple scared of going all out and wearing a dark, matte lip then maybe try a sheerer dark toned lip. For my matte, autumn go to shades I always gravitate to my Estee Lauder Matte Envy and my Yves Saint Laurent Matte Rouge Couture. As an alternative, Yves Saint Laurent Couture Glossy Lip stain alongside Topshop’s sheer lipstick. The only problem with sheer, deep colours is that they are prone to apply patchy but with lip liner and a small, liner layer smudged into the lips they can look lovely for a natural shade while sticking to an autumnal colour palette.



So there are a few ideas for transitioning your make up from Summer to Autumn. Of course, there are no rules to make up; if you like to rock the bronzed goddess look all year round than stick to it but if you’re looking to adapt to this time of the year than I hope this Blog has helped.
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x



No7 Haul: First Impressions.

While I was wandering through my local Boots the other day I was drawn to the No7 counter due to an amazing deal on offer. Buy any two No7 products, no spending requirement and you receive a gift box including a sample sized primer, mascara, single eyeshadow and a voucher for a full sized free lipstick of your choice! So without hesitance I quickly chose the two products that intrigued me and was given my gift box.



No7 Powder Blush, Peach Velvet: such a beautiful shade. The formula is so smooth, applies evenly and is able to blend out seamlessly. As I have always stuck to pink toned blushes, I wanted to try out a peach in order to warm my face up a tad as despite the Summer coming to an end, I still have not caught a tan. It adds a lovely natural glow to my cheeks without looking too flushed.

No7 Shimmer Palette, Rose: oh my god. This product is absolutely beautiful, all 4 shades within the palette are equally stunning standing alone or mixed together. From a warm rose to bronzed champagne shade when applied to the face it lifts your complexion giving the appearance or brightness and life. True to the name, the formula is rather shimmery but not in a tacky way; therefore I prefer to use this as a blush topper while bringing it up slightly higher to my cheek bones as oppose to directly applying it to the cheekbones. I have tried both methods, don’t get be wrong, if you love that blinding strip of light across the high points of your face then you will not be disappointed it still is gorgeous but personally I much prefer a natural glow which gradually blends up from my cheeks. I cannot recommend this palette enough, with a variety of toned palettes to choose from you will no doubt find the right combination for you.

No7 Night Cream: I have never been a fan of night creams in all honesty. I have always found the consistency too thick and greasy but I decided to give it a go as my skin seriously needs some nourishment at the moment. To my surprise, this cream is extremely lightweight. I woke up with silky soft skin which appeared brighter and smoother, as a cream goes I am extremely impressed. However, the consistency is thicker than regular moisturisers or serums so I would not use this on a daily basis in order to prevent breakouts due to the oils. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative to a night cream to brighten your complexion, I would most certainly recommend this product.

No7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer, Sunrise: I purchased this item a while ago now, and I have mixed thoughts. The colour is beautiful, it is a coral metallic which adds a brilliant pop of colour to your lips. The formula is smooth and pigmented when applied, once dried down the clear gloss must be applied as the lipstick side is way too drying to be left by itself. The durability of this stain is ok, the colour cannot be re-applied if product is still on the lips as it cannot really be built up but to freshen up the gloss is perfect. If you like glossy, pigmented lips with a decent wearability I would recommend this but if you’re looking for a liquid lipstick with a matt finish to be worn on its own than unfortunately I feel this is too drying.


No7 Airbrush Away Primer: this is such a lovely primer. It leaves the skin matte, smooth but still maintains a slight tack for the foundation to stick to. I have used this a few times and I have definitely noticed an improvement with the durability of my foundation, it maintains flawless for a longer period of time. As I have dryer skin, I was pleased to know it did not exaggerate any patches as matte primers can sometimes be way too heavy; I am also confident that it would work perfectly for oily skin types.

No7 Mascara: again, I have mixed thoughts on this mascara. Initially I did not like this product due to the bristles, I much prefer a plastic wand to define my lashes but with abit of patience this can give a lovely length and volume to the lashes. As always, I like to mix my mascaras, I always get the best results when layering. This does layer nicely, it does not clump up or flake but to be honest, if you’re not blessed with extremely long lashes I would not recommend this mascara if you need extreme lengthening action.

No7 Eyeshadow singles: the formula of these shadows are lovely. They’re pigmented, buttery and blend without any effort at all. My favourite way to apply this is adding a few sprays of fixing mist to my brush then dipping in the pan slightly, it provides so much pigment to the centre of the lid or inner corners, I would definitely recommend no7’s eyeshadows.

No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick, Ginger Rose: I cannot believe I got this lipstick free! The shade is perfect for me and extremely complimentary to the peach velvet blush. The formula is so creamy and pigmented, it glides on seamlessly while nourishing the lips. The durability of this lipstick is of a standard lipstick, it is not as good as my higher end items but for a day wear lipstick it is a perfect choice. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for an affordable lipstick with full pigment and nice durability.

So there is my No7 haul, I was so impressed with the majority of these products and if the offer is still going I would definitely recommend going to your local Boots and grabbing these items while you can.
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x


“On Wednesday We Wear Pink”: Clinique Blushing Powder.

For the second instalment of this Beauty series I wanted to focus on a recent product I’ve purchased which I had fallen in love with since first use. Clinique’s Blushing Powder, this has completely upped my make up; I cant believe I haven’t tried this product before. Personally, I feel like brands such as Clinique are targeted towards a mature audience, therefore I don’t tend to focus on their counter but after swatching their cosmetics out of interest I couldn’t help myself.


I will start off by explaining that I have never been too focused on blush, to me at first it was just a quick dab on the cheeks to add colour to my pale complexion. Oh how I was wrong, after initially just owning my Estee Lauder blush which worked perfectly, I never felt the need to delve into different shades or formula but after buying Clinique’s, I have developed a slight obsession over blush. Similar to Estee Lauder, there is a sheen like iridescence which reflects beautifully on the cheeks. Now, initially the sound of a shimmer-like blush did not appeal to me, I always preferred to have a matte tone of my cheeks in order to blend out nicely with my contour and bronzer but I decided to keep open minded and give it a try.

I will start off with the formula as no matter how beautiful the colour is, if the formula isn’t right it can ruin your entire look, much like any cosmetic you purchase. Despite a fair bit of fall out, this applies beautifully! It is so smooth, blendable and pigmented but not too pigmented to make you look like an over-flushed clown which can happen very quickly with blush. Due to the slight sheen that runs through the powder, it gives off a lovely luminosity to the skin while remaining natural, unlike applying an excess amount of highlighter in order to look like a “glazed doughnut”, a trend I’m not too fond of but that can wait for a separate blog post! If worn on its own it gives off an iridescent, natural flush of colour to your complexion but if you prefer a matte formula while still requiring  a youthful glow this makes an excellent blush topper. I have tried both applications, each method providing a unique sheen that looks amazing when the light hits your face.


Whenever I have worn this, I have been given multiple compliments on how bright my complexion looks. The colour was also outside my comfort zone, I have always been drawn to warm toned pinks but as I was feeling brave with a different finish I decided to push myself further and try a cooler shade. To my surprise, It complimented my skin. I purchased to shade “Iced Lotus”, a blue toned pale pink with a light purple undertone which is more noticeable on the cheeks. If applied over a warmer toned blush as a topper, it gives off a plum like sheen but when left by itself it leaves a lilac, pale pink reflection.


In this beauty series I really wanted inspire  my readers in trying new products, whether they’re lovers of pinks or not; not only shades but formulas as well. Since starting this blog is has pushed me to delve into different cosmetics I wouldn’t ever think of purchasing, this blush for example. That really is the beauty of make up, you can try and experiment with a variety of shades, finishes and formulas, yes they may be a waste of money sometimes but there is nothing wrong with stepping out your comfort zone and wearing a new look, as I cant stress this enough but it is only make up, it can be washed off! So there you go, I tried a new blush with a shade and finish I would never think twice about and now I’m in love. I cannot recommend this product enough, if you want a dewy, glowy complexion I would definitely try this out.
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x


My Top 10 Luxury Products.

Yesterday I was organising my make up, of course it never stays well kept for long but I do try to keep on top of it. As I was looking through my luxury items the idea crossed my mind as to which products were actually favourites of mine. I’m sure any beauty collector will agree that they have a number of high-end cosmetics that although are nice, I could certainly live without them. So, I wanted to share my ultimate favourite luxury products that will not be replaced anytime soon.

10. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Mascara: I love this mascara so much. I will admit it isn’t the best at lengthening but I have not yet found a mascara which creates as much volume as this. To get the best of both worlds I like to layer this above a slightly thinner formula of mascara which creates length; layering this above to achieve fullness and volume.

9.  Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick: the formula of this lipstick is amazing, it is extremely smooth; gliding over the lips giving off full pigmentation with one swipe. With deeper colours I prefer a matte finish, I am aware there are many matte, deep shades available on the high-street but I feel that they will never live up to a luxury lipstick. Due to the colour, it can be a little bit hard to apply evenly but with the help of a lip liner, a steady hand a patience this product will not let you down.

8. Estée Lauder Foundation Brush: I will admit, I do not use this brush to apply foundation as I prefer to use a sponge in order to build a full coverage but beneath my foundation I will use this brush to blend in liquid highlighter or a small amount of concealer if needed. The hairs are so soft and fairly densely packed so it does not leave any streak and patches.

7. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touché Éclat’ Concealer & Highlighter: I cannot stress my love for this highlighter enough. I am not a fan of concealer, I do not particularly like heavy liquids added to my face but this is a perfect alternative. No, it will not cover large, red blemishes but that is not its primary purpose. I like to apply a very thin layer along my cheeks bones, forehead and nose to add luminosity to the skin while cancelling out any discolouration to my skin.


6. Mac Studio Fix Powder: this powder really is worth the money. A variety of finishes can be achieved, a light dusting will simply lock in your base make up but if more is applied the coverage and finish is flawless. It is not too heavy or cakey on the skin, as I suffer with slightly dryer skin I am cautious of applying too much powder but this can be topped up throughout the day and you do not need to worry about looking too powdery. I cannot recommend this product enough for a variety of skin types.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium: this perfume is such a beautiful scent. It is a feminine, sweet scent yet with seductive, heavy undertones which makes this scent perfect for both day and night. This perfume was a gift from my boyfriend, unfortunately I am down to the last few sprays, due to the sentiment behind the scent I will definitely be re-purchasing as I get so many compliments while wearing this.

4. Clinique Blushing Powder: I have recently discovered this product and I have worn it most days ever since. I have always preferred matte blushes but I was pleasantly surprised with the finish this blush gave. A small amount of iridescence is obvious in the compact; giving a subtle glow to my cheeks which adds a bright glow making my skin look much more alive and healthy.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick: if you are to buy any luxury lipstick, I cannot recommend this enough. Any shade you choose will live up to expectations, I own quite a few Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks, a variety of formulas, hands down the best lipstick you will ever purchase. I will continue to add to my YSL lipstick collection as no other product will match up to these. Smooth, fully pigmented and long wearing, everything you need in a good lipstick.


2. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation: now you know I couldn’t leave this holy grail item out of my top 10. I’ve mentioned this foundation many times in previous posts so I wont go into too much depth but this really is a beautiful foundation. I do not see myself replacing this foundation anytime soon as I really don’t think any foundation could live up to this.

1. Dior Eyeshadow Quad: by far my favourite product out of all my luxury items. Don’t get me wrong, it comes with a steep price but these eyeshadows are so beautiful. Smooth, fully pigmented and blends out with little effort, I have not yet found an eyeshadow which has an equal quality. If you are looking to treat yourself and these are in your budget, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the formula of these shadows.

So there you go, there are my top 10 luxury items that really are worth the money!
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x

“On Wednesday We Wear Pink”: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick.

This week’s “On Wednesday We Wear Pink” I have decided to review one of my all time favourite lipsticks for a variety of reasons. So, to kick off my new beauty series I wanted to focus on the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick. Although I have previously written an overall review on my Yves Saint Laurent lipstick collection, I couldn’t help myself focusing on this product.

I will start by saying that I have never been a fan of sheer lipsticks, I prefer full coverage, matte lips but since purchasing this item, it has completely opened my eyes to a variety of looks I would never previously try. Although sheer, this lipstick provides a perfect balance of sheen, pigment and moisture; making this product perfect for the Summer months. However, I have recently learnt that you shouldn’t restrict your overall look due to your perception of the lipstick. Yes, this lipstick is lovely to complete a laid back, summer look as deep nudes with rose undertones really do compliment a soft, bronzed natural eye, but, experiment!

FullSizeRender [241219]

Recently, I have been stepping out my comfort zone and resisting the urge to rely on a full, matte lip that is so popular right now on the beauty scene. You may think of a nude, pink sheer lipstick and limit yourself to keeping this as a day wear product, which is completely understandable as it is perfect for the day, but again, match this with a contrasting look. This lipstick looks lovely with a strong, smokey eye as it allows the eyes to draw the attention while the lips still look pleasing to the eye and nourished which sometimes a matte finish lip product can fail to do.

With such a variety of looks that this lipstick will compliment, I would most definitely recommend this product. The shade variety as always from Yves Saint Laurent is amazing, from light nudes to deep autumnal colours, anyone interested in this product will most definitely find a shade to compliment their skin tone. Again, you will most definitely get your moneys worth from this product due to its versatility, there are no limits with this product as it can look great in both the day time and evening. So, for girls that shy away from pink lips, this really is the perfect product. As a nude with a warm pink undertone, it can be intensified with a lip-liner to bring further definition or deepen the colour on in contrast, simply a quick swipe across the lips on a summer’s day can look equally lovely.

FullSizeRender [241221]

So to narrow it down, I cannot get enough of this lipstick! Versatility, nourishing, excellent pigmentation and brings life to the lips! Anyone that is nervous to venture into luxury products and cannot decide on one luxury shade, try this out. The shade can be completely altered depending on the amount of product applied, with or without a lip-liner and depending on the overall colour scheme of the look, bronze ,deep tones will bring out the warmth in this shade while cool toned colours will bring out the light undertones.

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another blog post focusing on one of my all time favourite pink cosmetics, comment down below any suggestions for the series.
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x

“On Wednesday We Wear Pink”: Beauty Series.

Now, I am completely aware today is not Wednesday but hear me out. Since recently starting my beauty blog I’ve been focusing on collections, reviews and first impressions but I wanted to start a series; allowing me to focus on a set blog each week. Now I’m sure every girl out there is aware of the infamous quote from Mean Girls, “on Wednesday we wear pink”, which has inspired me to focus on all the pink toned cosmetics I own.

FullSizeRender [186579]

I had the idea that each Wednesday I will write a blog focusing on one my pink cosmetics, creating a whole look which compliments the specific product I used; either writing up a step by step tutorial or a first impression depending on how new the item is. After having the idea I had a good look through my collection in which I was completely surprised by the versatility and range of pink toned cosmetics I own, I think this series would be great for people either interested in new products to try for themselves or wanting to step out their comfort zone if pink isn’t their preferred shade, as I will admit, I always shied away from pink as I felt it never complimented my skin tone but trust me, once you find shades that flatter your tone you will wish you started wearing pink as a statement much earlier!

FullSizeRender [186581]FullSizeRender [186583]

So, focusing on either the eyes, lips, skin or combinations, I really wanted to inspire you all with the idea that pink can be taken out of the ‘girly’ stereotype and used in such a versatile way. I’m really excited at the thought of starting this beauty series, comment below and give me your feedback on what you think.
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x

FullSizeRender [186585]

How Much is My Face Worth?

Recently I have seen a handful of beauty bloggers add up the total of their daily cosmetics to discover ‘how much their face is worth’, so I decided to hop on the band-wagon. Now, I was torn between totalling my general daily make up products or my full-glam make up but after comparing, I found that I use very similar base products and brands just switching up the shades so to make myself feel better I decided to go with my daily face.

I start off my routine using Bourjois Illuminating Primer, retailing at £10.99. This is a new found favourite and has quickly replaced my previous primer; I have recently wrote a full review on this illuminating primer so if interested have a read.

I then follow with Yves Saint Laurent’s Touché Éclat, a beautiful creamy, radiant highlighting pen which I prefer to apply beneath my foundation to stop any thick texture forming, retailing at £25.00. To enhance this glow I apply a small amount of The Body Shop’s Dome Highlighter which can be purchased for £8.00.

Next comes my holy grail foundation,Estee Lauder Double Wear, retailing at a rather steep price of £31.00 but as mentioned many times in previous posts, I feel the price is completely worth it and will always continue to re-purchase. To set my face I like to use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Powder, £33.00,  as due to the foundation setting to a matte, powder finish you do not need to use a heavy face powder; therefore this combination is perfect. To set my under eye area and bake I have recently been using Rimmel London’s Loose Power which can be bought at an affordable price of £6.99.

FullSizeRender [179671]

Now I am a firm believer in using all my products to their fullest, for contouring, instead of investing in an over priced palette I use my Estee Lauder Trio retailing at £30.00. Although two of the shades cannot be used to contour, the third shade is absolutely perfect for shaping my face. To go along with using my products for multiple uses, I also like to play with Estee Lauder’s Deluxe Gold palette,£30.00, to fill in my eyebrows as I found to formula of the shadows perfect to shape and sharpen my eyebrows with a slightly damp angled brush.

To warm up my complexion I absolutely love The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer which can be purchased for a brilliant price of £13.00. I then apply Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour Blush, retailing at £29.00. By far this is my favourite blush formula, smooth and easy to blend; leaving an iridescent sheen to my cheeks.

For eyes, no doubt my favourite palette to use both day and night is Dior’s Blazing Gold Eyeshadow Palette, bought at a very steep price of £42.50. Although I’m sure there are dupes for the shades which can be bought for a much lower price, I really haven’t found any eyeshadows that match up to Dior’s formula. Occasionally I like to line my eyes alongside a sharp wing, I use Maybelline’s Mater Precise Liquid Eyeliner,  bought at a very affordable price of £5.99. The mascara i have been really enjoying recently is Estee lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme, retailing at £25.00. I will admit I own many mascaras that perform similarly with a much lower price tag but I cannot help myself gravitating towards this mascara.

For lips, I could have gone for any to be honest as the majority of my lipstick collection are Yves Saint Laurent products, retailing at £26.00. For daily wear I generally choose a matte shade and to apply to the centre of the lips I use Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte Shine, £26.00 which provides a lovely sheer shine to the lips; keeping them moisturised throughout the day.

So, the grand total is…£342.47. To be honest, I am aware this is a very high price for simply a handful of products but I was actually expecting a much higher total. Considering the quality of all my products are all amazing, I am happy to pay a little extra to achive the results I want from my make up.
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte x